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  1. Hi Hunter, I took the time to read everything you just wrote, and I found myself agreeing with just about everything. Unfortunately, your elaborately-detailed suggestion will go unread by many simply because it’s too long. A way to get around this is by adding a TLDR in an outstanding color beneath each topic OR you can do what I do, and use that outstanding color just to highlight the keywords. Comments: 1 of those 4 wildy bosses should spawn once an hour PKP (not dp) bonus for killstreaks A unique reward for reaching each new PK title, such as <<reach Novice = vesta set>>, <<reach Killer = vls>>, <<reach God = 5 legendary mboxes>> for example Community giveaways should be pooled from the community, not from upper management Community Manager (or some rank above Mod) can host events such as HP events Thank you for taking the time to write this suggestion. Adam
  2. Adam


    First claw drop in the game bro!
  3. The updates don’t stop and the bugs are shaking in their boots, no joke, you guys work fast
  4. Wonder who are 3, 4, & 5 Sean and I must be top two
  5. No time wasted. Keep it up, we’re all loving it
  6. Adam


    ARTEROPKERS, You've been extremely patient with us, and the staffteam appreciates it more than you know. Some of you have had complaints about not being able to pick up your emblems. PLEASE POST YOUR PROOF OF EMBLEM DROPS HERE AND WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO COMPENSATE. Thank you all, ArteroPK
  7. Adam

    Ingame Rules

    ArteroPk Server Rules. These rules are subject to change at any time and breaking any of these rules will result in punishment. Yell Mute Offenses: Flaming over yell Being racist over yell Threatening over yell Causing arguments over yell Spamming over yell (in example if everyone starts spamming something on yell - do not join in, you might be the one that gets punished for it) Not listening to staff requests over yell (in example if staff tells you to stop yelling or x will happen, do not be mad if x happens) Luring over yell Muteable Offenses: Flaming is generally O.K. - but it has restrictions: do not flame staff members on decisions, appeal them. Do not flame to the point where it causes spam. Do not flame with racist or sickness insults (unicorn, etc.). Do not excessively flame (staff members have the right to determine what is and is not excessive). If someone is flaming you put them on your ignore list, or report them on the forums if it violates one of the rules! Advertising other servers Spamming - keep auto-typers to at least 10 seconds - regional players don't change every 0.5seconds... Threatening other users. Threats can also be bans if they are more realistic (i.e. there are out of the blue threats for no reason, but there are threats that are substantiated). Something like "stfu nice net" is a mute, whereas "I have your ip, I'm going to ddos you" and then continuing the aggravation will most definately result in a ban. DO NOT THREATEN STAFF MEMBERS OR IT WILL BE A BAN Jailable Offenses: Standing on other people's risk fights Being in the duel arena for purposes not related to dueling your opponent (or watching someone else duel - but in that case STAY AWAY FROM OTHER FIGHTS) "Trolling" drop party's or host fake giveaways, or excessive trolling such as running through or standing on fights Do not abuse the request help system. Provide a real title and a real reason Rushing people at ::13s, this includes but is not limited to.. dh bombing, barrage to ags, cmaul to gmaul... people are still allowed to *3x claw spec and tele, but at the time when both people are aware they are in the fight (afking doesn't count - if you're afk, your loss) Ragging people at ::13s Boosting PKP, KDR, or elo rating Multilogging in the wild Noclipping Delayed rushing Safespotting monsters (TDS, KBD, AOD) in ANY way (Outside Wilderness) Hosting player run games of chance without a rank Half killing monsters in single combat zones (Barrelchests/TDs/Strykwyrms etc) Bannable Offenses: You are not allowed to bug abuse/exploit glitches unless you are showing a staff member RWTing Staking donations in your opponent’s name Buying/selling accounts Using a modified client Buying/selling runescape gp (unless they are a RSGP manager) Macroing - this includes AFK skilling WITH an autotyper/clicker Scamming - Leading someone to believe to receive something when they don't. EXAMPLES - passing off fake items, bugging in a stake, rule *switching,"doubling pkt" DDoSing or hacking users Impersonating staff Faking report evidence Multivoting (up to ALL your items will be removed from your account too) Refunds: We will do refunds for bugs caused by the server (not self-made rules or agreements made between players). In the event of a DDoS attack, it becomes impossible to try and right all wrongs, but with the new systems in place people shouldn't lose any items. We will not do refunds for scams or hacks. Scams: Unless you have very strong evidence such as a video or a staff member witnessing the scam take place, your scam will not be resolved by staff. Photos of plants/chatlogs are NOT valid proof. !RECORD ALL YOUR BETS! Hacks: Buying/selling donations would not be recorded in trade logs, so tracking your items from an alleged "hack" could just mean you trying to exploit us for a refund after buying a donation Faking hacks to RWT Things along these lines, as well as the information provided for scams. It will take too much time to properly verify these (or it can be impossible to verify them) - so they will not be done. Misc: If you account share and your account is taken by one of the users - it will NOT be recovered. In an account sharing situation no one has clear possession of an account, and if one person back-stabs another - then its too bad. Account share at your own risk, and don't waste anyone's time with it. If someone that you share your account with is punished - too bad. Simply - you are liable for your own account, not us! ^This does NOT MEAN you can buy/sell accounts. Under this, do not buy/sell account services (in which you willingly give over ownership of your account) Don't abuse the recovery system - trying to recover an account that isn't yours You can buy/sell dungeon floors. Sadly we do not deal with scam reports concerning this, so this is at your own risk You punishments will escalate from time, to IP to Mac as your # of offenses escalate. Depending on certain situations can be punished more lightly or harshly for the rule you have broken. Punishment evading will result in harsher punishments. If you are not "IP" or "Mac" punished, then you are allowed to play on a separate account... don't play on a separate account to cause trouble - otherwise it will become an IP or Mac punishment.
  8. Anyone else think he has such a good commentator voice? I enjoyed the vid man, keep it up
  9. Adam

    Starter Guide!

    Hey Twinx, welcome to the forums. I think this was such a unique and useful introduction especially with a ton of new players joining the forums these days. I hope you keep this same energy and stay active in the Guides section where I’m sure you’ll get a chance to be more detailed and you’ll have a bigger audience. See you ingame Nathan
  10. Hoi Azur. First time trying a RSPS? This one will leave a lasting impression on you man. Good to see a new player joining our established community, thanks for posting an intro man. Welcome and good luck!
  11. Welcome to our community Walk. Saw your vid as soon as you posted it man, good work and I look forward to seeing some more APK content from you.
  12. Adam

    MUST READ!!!!!!

    Welcome Red, you’re from og apk? Did you also play reckless? My old user was King Sambo
  13. Good luck racing me boys I just downloaded teamviewer on my phone, APK Mobile confirmed
  14. Adam


    Nice, a bunch of ogs were looking for you glad you could join the party, wb