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  1. Even though this makes no difference to a forum moderators job as they can see all posts, it will be cleaner for each user. Done.
  2. This can be added in seconds. I'm just not sure if people want to have a chatbox above the thread they're looking at. I feel like it might ruin the aesthetic of the forum itself.
  3. I do apologise for not posting any update logs for the forums since my last update. Things have been changing but I just haven't had the time to log it all down. Forum ranks are finalised. Permissions should be entirely done. If you find anything that doesn't seem right, let me know. Added a Rank Legend at the bottom of the page to display all the ranks. You can click on these to see members of each rank. Made some adjusts to the Discord/Forums integration. Uncapped the post limit for Members. This may not be forever as I'd like to reduce spam as much as possible. Added "Newest Members" to the bottom of the main page. This will display the 50 most recently registered users. The "Members" list was increased to 500. Let me know if this is too many names. Relocated the "Events" section. This will be moved back to the community section in later months. Things we're working on: @sean will explode if we don't add SSL Certification. We're working on it. Registration emails are not sending 100% of the time. We're planning on updating the forums to 4.4. We're waiting for activity to settle so we can update all the plugins accordingly. A new theme should be coming soon. Again, sorry for the delay. Let's get hype for RELEASE DAY!
  4. Smashing them out Blake, great work.
  5. Downvoted for bait kek Thanks for the buglist, I'll add the ones that aren't on the spreadsheet.
  6. Justin


    Sup ArteroPK, I'm Justin (aka Jersturn) and I'll be assisting Kevin as Forum Administrator. If there is anything you'd like to say, don't be afraid to message me. There's a higher chance of getting a fast reply from me on Discord so you can find me in the ArteroPK Discord server. If you haven't joined already, you can join HERE. I look forward to meeting you all.
  7. From this point onward, most forum updates will be posted in this subsection. I will not be using @everyone in the Discord unless the forum update is very sizable and worth a mention. There have been some changes to the front page of the forums. This includes the smaller (and in my opinion, neater) Discord advertisement. You can now see the "POPULAR CONTRIBUTORS, FORUM STATISTICS & MEMBER STATISTICS" in the sidebar. You can also see the "MEMBERS" section at the bottom which will display up to 200 of the last logged in users. (If this number is too high, I'll lower it.) The Chatbox! It's now been added to the front page. I hope it's not too big and unsightly. My goal is for the Chatbox to slot in nicely on the front page. I've filled in the Menu bar a bit more. This should lower the confusion when looking for certain pages. I was playing around with Reputation and this is what I've come up with for that. You can read them in the spoiler below. Clubs are currently disabled but if there's a demand for it, I can enable them. This will allow members of the forums to create their own groups for things such as clans. - Justin
  8. Justin


    Good to have you on board Nicolai!
  9. Quit living in the past.
  10. just doing forums stuff while kevin drinks redbull and plays csgo

    1. Kevin


      I won the game btw then i fall asleep.

  11. Discord & Forums integration is finally added, which means you can now Login to the forums using your Discord account. You might be asking yourself why such a feature would be useful. Reason 1, It makes your account verification just that bit stronger keeping your account safe from hackers. Reason 2, Getting a rank on the forums will automatically give you the rank on Discord. (saves time & energy) Reason 3, You can link your profile pictures between both Forums & Discord. (if you want to) Click HERE or follow the 3 small steps below to link your accounts!
  12. Justin


    m8 nothing but challenger here
  13. This section is going to be dedicated to posts about ArteroPk events. Events may also be advertised in the Community Calendar. If you enter your birthday in your forums profile, the calendar will also show your birthday to everyone else. This isn't required if you do not wish to share that information.
  14. who names their kid "kevin" 😕

  15. also drinking Redbull.