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  1. Some fixes & more will follow soon: - Fixed a bug with amount donated on claim. - Fixed a bug with donation points on claim. - Fixed a bug with AFK Tree. - Disabled automated Fight pits event. - Added ::set command for setting donation amount. (Developers) - Made it so you can't light fires in edge anymore. - Fixed a bug with item spawning. - Fixed a bug with Donator icons. - Fixed a bug with Private messaging. - Added world announcement for donation claims. - Removed chocolate bomb (stack-able food). - Fixed a bug with picking up emblems. - Fixed a bug with Pre-sets manager. - Fixed a bug with join cc button. - Fixed some of the invisible items such as Santa hat. - Fixed the Torva platelegs (on female). - The correct icons are now displayed when a staff logs in. - Added commands for staff to reset passwords & pin. - Fixed the NPC drop table model preview. - Added OSRS ancient spellbook toggle. - Added ::updates command. -ArteroPK Team
  2. Yes, this will be fixed on the next update.
  3. Guide to Donating 1) Visit our store: http://arteropk.org/store/ 2) Purchase your points and type ::claim in game to receive them 3) Spend your points in our donation shops in the bank at the home area in game Note: You automatically receive donator rank in game when donating at least $25. $25 Regular Donator: ::yell $50 Super Donator: ::dp (PvM zone) ::dzone (Donator zone + Skilling) ::switch ::moderns ::ancients ::lunars ::switchprayers Special attack restore benefit $100 Extreme Donator: ::epvm (PvM zone) $250 Elite Donator: ::ezone (Coming soon) More information will follow soon. _________________________________________________________ OSRS & RS3 Gold Donation Current Rates: -------------------------------------- 2M OSRS = 100 donator point -------------------------------------- 100M RS3 = 10 donator points -------------------------------------- Note: You still receive donator rank & bonuses when donating with osrs/rs3 gp.
  4. It has been a long wait, but it's finally here! The final preparations for the official server launch, in this thread you can read all the updates that the development team has been pushing out, a lot of amazing content and tons of bug fixes. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and staying with us till the end. Artero opens it doors on November 27th. - Rewritten: All emotes working except Trick (missing gfx). Emotes reset upon walk. Also added Stopwatch & Delay classes. - Removed some weird owner commands (That the old owners/developers added) - Disabled old Settings tab. - Added Advanced options button. - Added Private chat set-up. - Added Server definition files. - Added new Interface actions packets. - Merged interface action & buttons - Added Input handling system. - Added a fully smooth working Pre-sets manager. Has option to click on the Pre-sets inventory to search ITEM Id's and save the inventory. Has option to click on the Pre-sets equipment to search ITEM Id's and save the equipment. Has option to copy your equipment & inventory to the Pre-sets manager. Has option to save Magic spell-book & Prayers. Has option to save the combat skills. Has option to re-name your pre-sets. Has option to open the Pre-sets manger upon death. - Rewritten: Item definitions using JSON. - Added Item definition editor. - Modified the command rights. - Rewritten: Player, Donators & Staff rights. - Added a new command system. - Added the latest OSRS data. - Changed ELO requirements for Saggitarian & Nex. - Added Twisted bow with combat and passive effect. - Added Dragon warhammer with combat and special attack. - Added Ancestral & Justiciar. - Added Primordial, Peg & Eternal boots. - Added Elder maul with combat. - Fixed a bug with bank booth. - Rewritten: Player saving & loading. - Added common Gson & database flag. - Added Error logging. - Added new ::item command & ::setkeyword commands. - Keywords are now loaded from JSON. - Added ::getid command for searching item ID's. - Added ::setlevel command. - Added ::anim command. (animations) - Added ::gfx command. (graphics) - Added ::itf command. (interfaces) - Added ::tele and ::teleto commands. - Added Keybinding system. - Added Keybinding interface button. - Added logging to Couch-base system. - Removed several debug messages that possibly could cause lag. - Changed some NPC'S and shops in Edgeville. - Added more Server messages. - Fixed a bug with Command logs. - Converted all the old ranks to the new rank system. - Added object spawn command. - Added cleaner server messages with icons. - Added NPC profiling. - Added a new Mystery box system with unlimited loot-tables. - Added Quick-prayers, normal & curses. - Added Rigour & Augury to Quick-prayers. - Added unique Player Owned Shops You can check Personal & Global collection history. You can buy a featured spot. The system works on PKP Tickets as main currency. - Removed some objects from Edgeville. - Added ::pnpc command. - Added ::npc command. - Added Healer at Edgeville (Nurse). - Added a new Store-handler. - Added animation & graphics for mystery box opening. - Added animation & graphics for donation claims. - Changed more shop NPC'S with better looking ones. - Implemented new rights sytem. - Added ::players command. - Added Special staff commands. - Added new ::changepassword command. - Added better looking welcome messages. - Added cleaner looking item information from currency shops. - Added Ghrazi rapier & Scythe of vitur item definitions. - Added Avernic defender + combat. - Added a new Dialogue system. Supports many different type of dialog scenarios and is highly documented. - Fixed a bug with Quick-prayers upon login. - Fixed a bug with Curses. - Fixed a bug with Pre-sets ID collision. - Added more items to the PKP & Donator shops. - Fixed a bug for strings not updating on NPC profile. - Added Utility methods. - Added Amulet of damned, Fire max cape, Fire max hood, Sanguinesti staff & Craw's bow item definitions. - Added more icon images to the cache. - Added ::toggle and ::saveall commands. - Added Pre-sets inventory item switching. - Fixed KBD & Chaos ele teleports. - Added a new Yell system with cleaner ranks and titles. - Fixed a bug with dialogue animations. - Added yell timer for normal players only. - Reduced Server messages to once per 5 minutes. - Added several items to the unspawnable id's. - Added Chocolate bombs to the food combo system. - Added a new Achievement system. Has 5 different tiers. Has a collect reward button & preview. Has Achievement diary. Has daily achievement task. Has progress bar. - Fixed model bug with Robins hood hat. - Fixed a bug with RFD portal. - Added world announcement when a new player logs in for the first time. - Fixed a bug with Saradomin brews, ensuring it will not drop below a real number. - Added new Donator ranks. EXTREME_DONATOR ELITE_DONATOR LEGENDARY_DONATOR UBER_DONATOR DEMONIC_DONATOR ANGELIC_DONATOR - Added Effect timers. Vengeance Barrage Potions - Added OSRS object ID support. - Fixed map issues with Brimhaven dungeon. - Added Flame gloves, new BIS gloves. - Added Split-Dragontooth necklace, new BIS melee amulet. - Added Discord invite link command ::discord. - Added ::drops command interface. You can search NPC's (Monsters/Bosses). You can search Item drops. You can see NPC stats, levels & more info. You can see NPC preview. - Added World announcement for rare loot from Mystery box. - Fixed a bug with Nex helms. - Opening Donator & PKP shop will not tell you how many points you currently have. - Added more checks on spawning items. - Damage from NPC's will now invoke vengeance effect & recoils. - Removed Player profile right click option. - Added Gnome glider NPC at Edgeville. - New Emblem system added with OSRS emblems. - Fixed a bug with Prayer scroll. - Fixed a bug with Player saving. - Dragonfire special is no longer restricted to donators only. - Obstacles in Taverly Dungeon will now teleport the player. - Added ::dzone (Super_Donator). - Added Super Donator altar to recharge specials and restore stats. - Restrict walking until tutorial is complete. - Everyone is required to create a bank pin upon first log in. - Re-written: Extended Quest tab (Player tab) Toggle-able with several tabs. Information tab with: Server information, Player information, Settings and Quick-actions. Achievements tab with: Achievements diary & Collect rewards button. Activity tab with: Players in wilderness & more coming soon. Miscellaneous tab, more information about this tab coming soon. - Updated dialogue information from Perk-lady. - Added Discord logs on several important actions. - Added Elite void + combat. - Made it so it only requires bank-pin input once every 24 hours. - Added bank-pin timestamp to saving/loading procedures. - Fixed a bug with locked accounts (bank-pin issue). - Fixed a visual bug when resetting bank pin. - Fixed a bug with ::drops command. - Added ::alert command for special staff. - Fixed a bug with Aid and Run buttons in Settings tab. - Added adjustments to Achievements tab. - Added ::addtobank command for Special staff. - Made it so it automatically equips your inventory & equipment before spawning instant set. - Added a buy 100 option. - Fixed a bug causing joining clan chats to fail sometimes. - Disallow the use of commands, dropping items, or trading if the account is locked. - Fixed a bug with Bank deposit refreshing. - Re-worked: ArteroPK Tutorial book (received upon first log-in). - Added different donation claim world announcements based on amount. - Re-worked: Spawn tab with Supplies & Instant sets. - Added super combat potions + decanting. - Added new animation for overload drinking. - Added city teleport commands. - Made bank pin validation every 48 hours. - Ensure magic spell-book gets decoded on login. - Added world announcement for players that receive a rare drop from PvM (15/1000) or lower. - Added world announcement for players that achieve Max cape. - Added automatically receiving the Max cape in your inventory after achieving 99 in all skills. - Added more achievements & rewards. - Edited the amount of Pre-loaded bank items that you receive upon first login. - Added ::deals interface for available discount deals & promotions for donating. Special staff can host deals from time to time to give a bonus for donating. There are: Item deals, Goodie-bag deals, Box deals & Special deals. You will receive a free gift once donating x amount within a period of time - Added Refactoring & Anim crash fix. - Added Sprite cache. - Added Advanced settings interface. - Added OSRS Settings tab. - Re-did client settings save/load. - Added Drop down menus. - Added toggle-able config buttons. - Added custom sliders. - Added Perfect zooming. - Added Tweening. - Added Game Updater & Sign-link refactor. - Added Frame-icon. - Fixed all the client settings. - Fixed OSRS Gameframe & Private setup. - Added Perfect scrolling. - Added command for reloading interfaces & sprites. - Added Dynamic window system & Refactor. - Fixed a bug with hovering sprites. - Removed the automatic login retry. - Added Right click object debug. - Roofs toggle is now inverted. - Added Mob definition titles for certain NPC's & shops. - Fixed player right click menu. - Added Summoning orb. - Added copy & pasting for admins. - Fixed presets id collision. - Fixed Music options settings. - Added Perfect icon drawing. - Advanced options fix: Fix type interface 10 not drawing sprite correctly even when specified opacity. Method changed for drawing sprites. - Added Ground item names setting. - Added Inventory skill status bars. - Fixed several map issues (Dungeons & Tzhaar city) - Added Angelic donator icon. - Added Texture support. - Fixed a bug with joining clan chat. - Added CTRL+S for screenshot. - Added Character selection display on login client. - Added re-set option for XP counter. - Added dialogue option to empty inventory and not ask again (24hrs). More update logs with more content and fixes will be posted in the next following days. Click here To view all the official Road To Competitions that we have posted for the Server release. We wish you all good luck with the grind. Thank you. -ArteroPK Team
  5. Hello, As you all know we are currently well into the beta phase of the game, with the server not long until release. We kindly ask that you post all your server related suggestions on to the forums, these suggestions can range from pvm-pking-skilling-qol whatever you feel you want added just make a suggestion and it will be overread by the management team. Please find the link to the suggestion section below. http://arteropk.org/community/index.php?/forum/35-in-game-suggestions/ Thank you, ArteroPK Team
  6. Found one of my old video's, it brings up some nice memories! Do you have any old Arteropk/Deviouspk/Recklesspk video's on youtube? Post them in this section!
  7. Hello, Some of you might know me already, I used to be active on Recklesspk / Deviouspk in the classic days. I know how much fun the server was even though later when it turned into ArteroPK and the owners Arre / Graham got into a fight, the server sadly died. The owners were not interested enough to fight back for the players and stabilize the server, they lacked motivation and were not interested enough to bring Artero back. This will be the new generation of ArteroPK with a professional Management team, dedicated developers and the best staff team that you will ever have. We have all the experience, budget and connections that is needed to get this server running smoothly and I promise you that within the next month we will be the new top leading Spawn Pking server. Arthur & Supreme
  8. I played Recklesspk and Deviouspk under username Rees, I actually helped Graham (Arsen) test Recklesspk when it wasn't released yet and go back to when he launched his first ever RSPS with me in 2010, this you probably don't know because the server never exploded like his other servers did (Jolt or Flux). But I actually was friends with him irl, Later we split up and I started working on my own RSPS. I am not friends with Graham anymore but do have a strong business relationship with him for the advertisement spots on his toplist.
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