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  1. Hey, Make sure you have latest java installed sir.
  2. That’s true, I hope they will work harder for it!
  3. @Kevin @Maxim @Blake good luck guys
  4. Migos/Kevin


    I agree that is a good idea Money, keep it up bro!
  5. Welcome back to ArteroPk, Hope you enjoy your stay bro
  6. Yeah, but if you select any of these it will automatic do the whole inventory mate
  7. Smart guy, really nice suggestions i agree with you, hope to see the game bigger with a high playerbase shortly. Thank you for posting this man:)
  8. Hello Dassan, welcome to ArteroPK. I hope that you enjoy your stay and good luck with your projects
  9. Would love to see how it goes for you, best of luck mate keep us updated
  10. Yeah man they should really fix the look of the shields, and also add duel view +1
  11. @Kevin @Blake they could probably have a look into it hopefully it will be fixed soon, thank you for reporting it :)
  12. Very nice video man, good editing looking pretty nice to be honest. Keep it up
  13. @Kevin @Blake could help you here mate
  14. Leave it as it is it’s better now
  15. Nice video, would like to see more of this man keep it up good job!
  16. A good suggestion is if the bow was good for Pvm but weaker for PvP.
  17. Well doesn’t help if you make a thread and just say it’s trash, make a suggestion list instead mate:)
  18. Migos/Kevin

    Some bugs

    Very nice of you for reporting this mate, hopefully a staff member will take a look and fix this :)
  19. Wow that’s very nice! Keep the grind up fam!
  20. Thank you for working so hard for the server, keep it up guys!