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ArteroPk Opening Events!

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Starting on launch, we will be running a handful of events to kick things off and help give people a head start.
Goodluck to all the participants!

KcNYCqB.png PK Event KcNYCqB.png

The first event on the list is a PK event.
The first 3 players to obtain a 50 kill streak will earn the following prizes.
If there are still prizes to be won by the end of December, these prizes will be given to users with the killstreak closest to 50.

KcNYCqB.png First Place: Quinn qcii KcNYCqB.png


KcNYCqB.png Second Place: Legoeiland4 KcNYCqB.png


KcNYCqB.png Third Place: Uee A GoughKcNYCqB.png



GuRwGJl.pngMax Cape RacehbxKe5J.png

Do you think you have what it takes to grind harder than anyone else?
Do you think you have what it takes to obtain max cape faster than anyone else?

All you have to do is to obtain a Max Cape before December 4th.
The first 5 people to provide proof of their Max Cape will win the following prizes.

GuRwGJl.png First Place: $200 In-name donation hbxKe5J.png

GuRwGJl.png Second Place: $150 In-name donation hbxKe5J.png

GuRwGJl.png Third Place: $100 In-name donation hbxKe5J.png

GuRwGJl.png Fourth Place: $75 In-name donation hbxKe5J.png

GuRwGJl.png Fifth Place: $50 In-name donation hbxKe5J.png


ay66UZw.pngVote Event a1H0qO4.png

Starting in December we will be running a voting competition.
First 5 people to obtain 100 vote points during the month of December will win some prizes.
Your votes obtained prior to December 1st will not be included in your count.

ay66UZw.pngFirst Place: $50 In-name Donation + 1x Dragon Claws a1H0qO4.png
ay66UZw.pngSecond Place: $30 In-name Donation + 1x Divine Spirit Shield a1H0qO4.png
ay66UZw.pngThird Place: $20 In-name Donation + Chaotic Staff a1H0qO4.png
ay66UZw.pngFourth Place: $10 In-name Donation + Chaotic Crossbow a1H0qO4.png
ay66UZw.pngFifth Place: $10 In-name Donation + 1x Mystery Box a1H0qO4.png

ezgif-6-e5bfdd14886e.pngFirst Donator Event ezgif-6-e5bfdd14886e.png

We are giving a nice bonus gift to the first 5 players to reach the following Donator Ranks:

162.png EXTREME DONATOR 162.png
162.png  First 5 Extreme Donators get: 5 MYSTERY BOXES  162.png 


163.png ELITE DONATOR 163.png
163.png  First 5 Elite Donators get: 10 MYSTERY BOXES + Chaotic Rapier  163.png


164.png LEGENDARY DONATOR 164.png
164.png  First 5 Legendary Donators get: 15 MYSTERY BOXES + Primal Maul  164.png


165.png UBER DONATOR 165.png
165.png  First 5 Uber Donators get: 20 MYSTERY BOXES + Dragon Claws  165.png


-ArteroPK Team

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Good luck racing me boys I just downloaded teamviewer on my phone, APK Mobile confirmed

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