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Auto retaliate isn't functional and works even if it's off.

I spawned a random leperchuhan outside of ::mb (magebank) in 2015 with a command that kept it forever, sorry, lol. Needs to be removed it has no function. I was trying to spawn another giant mole.

I never finished the giant mole drop table at ::mb they essentially are useless are insanely easy to kill. I'd revamp them or completely remove them.

KDR and kill streaks are currently not fully functioning. 

Firemaking over modules deletes them. (Banks, altars, walls) 

Can only train farming via watermelons takes like 100 hours completely broken. Needs to be entirely re-written isn't viable at all.

Can overload or pre-strength pot before duels for an advantage unless the other person does it as well.

Smithing is broken cannot make DFS or fix chaotics.

Barrage is broken there's no re-freeze timer that's perfected nor does two-stepping work. So essentially the way it is now someone can barrage you and ran off-screen to escape. 

Woodcutting can be trained in one place and takes less than ten minutes for 99.

Corporal Beasts code was reverted back to the last update Artero implemented which makes it impossible to kill.

Chaos elementals drop table is wrong.

Godwars can be killed for infinite amount of time with a bug without banking ever. 

Dungeoneering code didn't carry over so the skill and ring is useless.

Avatar of Destruction is way too powerful to even be in the game even with a team of ten you'll just have to come back several times to kill it.

When you kill Jad currently you do not get a fire cape.

Custom load-outs and pre-sets currently make you lose some of your earned items such as donator items and pkp items.

Agility is bugged can use an autoclicker to gets 99 in a few seconds at a certain location.

Quick prayers aren't functional.

::task command to check slayer task isn't functional (slayer gem isn't in-game either)

Some teleport tabs don't work at all or they don't teleport to the correct city.

Can't loot stackable items when inventory is "full".

You can cut a bank booth in Camelot and get logs from it as if it were a tree.

Construction isn't a functional skill.

If you do not re-log after someone firemakes on banks and deletes modules you'll switch spellbooks when trying to the bank and also not be able to use the bank.

Autocast doesn't work with most magic staffs and works with some it should not.

The PKP ratio when skilling is broken and the diary/achievements aren't fully functional. 

Currently a glitch to hit higher than average can't say here, staff can pm me.

Glacor boots are untradeable as they're loyalty items but BIS items this should be fixed. (steadfast, ragefire, glaiven) 

Runepouch isn't available due to old code being deleted nor is staff of the dead.  

Prayers and emotes stall so we can stack/delay attacks.

Cannot pickup nor upgrade bounty hunter emblems. Also cannot upgrade PVP effects from BH perk shop.

Chaotic crossbow is insanely overpowered and shoots faster than normal.

When you drink the fourth dose of a ranging potion it turns into an anti-poison potion then poisons you.

If you follow someone then stop it'll still follow them. So if you go AFK at edgeville you can be lured by this.

There's several unlimited food glitches that work in the wilderness that pvmers are currently using to avoid dying at all cost.


Will edit:

Can be poisoned while in the bank booth and it'll cancel the banking plus not allow you to bank again at that specific booth.

Ice strykewyrms deal no damage to players and their freeze last even after they die. There's also null spots while killing them where they cannot hit you back.

You cannot decant potions onto other potions. 

The teleblock spell doesn't teleblock people.

PvM tokens have no use cannot be traded or exchanged.

Rockcake only deals 1 damage to you cannot get to low hp fast.

Kbd ladder isn't functional no down stairs for spiders or a way to tank.

There's no working gates in the wilderness.

Ironstairs near mining hill outside of ::mb don't function.

Axehut and piratehut don't function nor do lockpicks.

Kiln cape counts as a +1 and protects over DFS which makes you lose DFS.

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