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Murder or get Murdered.



"Murder" is a clan that has been formed together by three friends who have been active pkers in the OSRS/07 community for a long time with years of experience in the PK Scene. One of our Leaders(me) "Respire" Was an OG from the ArteroPK Times who had a lot of experience PKing on Artero and got heavily used to the combat mechanics and started off NHING/Bridding On ArteroPK from release back in 2015. After the old version of ArteroPK was Closed, Respire was one of the last people to be on ArteroPK along with a few others to be there for it's closure from the start and moved through the ranks and became the servers Community Manager, then swiftly on to Administrator.


^ (old artero clip - 2016)  ^

We have started recruiting prior to release with trial members, by testing the waters and giving trial member ranks to then test them once the server is released.


Your Leader(s) Past Experience with Clans:

-FrontLine (07) 

-Flamingos (07)


-LiT (DMM/07 UNIT)

-Solidtag (RSPS UNIT)

-BullySquad (RSPS UNIT)

-Submission (RSPS - Old APK/other RSPS)

-DivineForces (Old APK Team)


What We Plan to do: 

Simply, as the team "Murder" We plan to do one thing and one thing only - Demoralize, Destroy and Decapitate any single pkers or teams in the wilderness.

We will also venture into multi when we have the correct amount of numbers and competition in-game.

We plan to do SRI's (Singles Run Ins) With other Teams for Bounty stakes. For Example: 5v5 Singles, last team standing wins 5x Dragon Claws, bets are placed by each team and we plan to organize these as often as possible.

We Will also aim to have Propaganda videos out which will be clan videos that show us doing our regular day to day hits and obtaining juicy loots.



1). Backstabbing clan members is highly frowned upon in this clan and will not be tolerated. If seen intentionally backstabbing the clan and rebellious behavior is shown, you will be banned from the cc permanently.

2). Dont beg for items that you need or dont have.

3). Be respectfull towards ALL teammates.

4). Do Not recruit without the leader's/captains permissions.

5). No clan hopping.

6). We understand that you guys will be occupied with other things during certain times, but if you aren't in the fighting spirit, don't be in the clan during that time. If a location is called out in cc and the clan is told to come, you are expected to join in on the PK Trip. Being in the clan chat means you are marked as active and ready for combat, this clan is not for protection purposes. Failure to participate in events will result in a ban from CC.

7). Edgeville is FFA. (You may not rag a clan member though.)



If you would like to apply for this clan, here is the format to use:


Application format:


In game username: 

Country / timezone:


Do you have access to discord?(REQUIRED): 

Past clanning experience (across all games):

What would be your primary position? (Examples would consist of but arent limited to: Teleport Blocker, Freezer, The Tank, Bolter, Main Focuser, Spec Trader)

 What credentials do you think makes you qualified to join Murder?



Thankyou, we look forward to either seeing your applications or seeing you in the wilderness!







Edited by Respire

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In game username: OG Scum  // OLD ARTERO: (Hi im New & King OG)

Country / timezone: USA EST

Age: 21

Do you have access to discord?(REQUIRED):  yuh

Past clanning experience (across all games): HOT (instant pk) Infamous (Instant pk) *cant remember what clan I was in on artero*

What would be your primary position? As a tank / tber. 

 What credentials do you think makes you qualified to join Murder? I have lots of clan exp across multiple pk servers. Very loyal, Active, Decent NHing


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