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Forum Update 28/11/2019 (RELEASE DAY)

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I do apologise for not posting any update logs for the forums since my last update.
Things have been changing but I just haven't had the time to log it all down.

  • Forum ranks are finalised. Permissions should be entirely done. If you find anything that doesn't seem right, let me know.
  • Added a Rank Legend at the bottom of the page to display all the ranks. You can click on these to see members of each rank.
  • Made some adjusts to the Discord/Forums integration. 
  • Uncapped the post limit for Members. This may not be forever as I'd like to reduce spam as much as possible.
  • Added "Newest Members" to the bottom of the main page. This will display the 50 most recently registered users.
  • The "Members" list was increased to 500. Let me know if this is too many names.
  • Relocated the "Events" section. This will be moved back to the community section in later months.


Things we're working on:

  • @sean will explode if we don't add SSL Certification. We're working on it. 
  • Registration emails are not sending 100% of the time. 
  • We're planning on updating the forums to 4.4. We're waiting for activity to settle so we can update all the plugins accordingly.
  • A new theme should be coming soon. 


Again, sorry for the delay. 


Let's get hype for RELEASE DAY! 

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nice stuff Justin (and Kevin)

Edited by sean

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hey Justin. the forums look quite clean & crisp tbh. job well done!


P.S - the client download links on the site are broken.

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