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mage archer
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J W Kingsley

J W Kingsley Goals/Completions

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Hey all, so once server Launches I'll probably add on things I'm going to go for. For starters though I know I will want to try and keep an even Kill/Death record. Then mostly max out all the skilling skills then maybe might go for some end game items through PVM/PVP. Anyways This will be updates Daily as I play. 🙂 Sorry its emptyish for now.



gold.png Wealth: N/A/2147M


Attack_style_icon.png Combat: ??/126


attack.png Attack: ??/99


strength.png Strength: ??/99


defence.png Defence: ??/99


constitution.png Hitpoints: ??/99


ranged.png Ranged: ??/99


prayer.png Prayer: ??/99


magic.png Magic: ??/99


fishing.png Fishing: ??/99


cooking.png Cooking: ??/99


woodcutting.png Woodcutting: ??/99


firemaking.png Firemaking: ??/99


fletching.png Fletching: ??/99


crafting.png Crafting: ??/99


mining.png Mining: ??/99


smithing.png Smithing: ??/99


herblore.png Herblore: ??/99


farming.png Farming: ??/99


agility.png Agility: ??/99


thieving.png Thieving: ??/99


slayer.png Slayer: ??/99


runecrafting.png Runecrafting: ??/99


hunter.png Hunter: ??/99


construction.png Construction: ??/99

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