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  1. There needs to be some sort of option to have a risk fight without protect item. People are already agreeing to no protect item then still having it on. This is heavily needed for a spawn pk server and will save staff and players a lot of time.
  2. These two staffs are end game items and rightly so. Both are extremely good in Pvm and Pvp so making them extremely hard to obtain is a no brainer. However, 75k pvm tokens for D staff and 50k for Peng staff is a bit excessive. I do see the idea of increasing it from 25k and 20k respectively but i dont think the jump should be this much. I suggest making it 35k and 30k. Please drop suggestions down below of what you think it should be
  3. laith


    Hi, some of you may know me. Some may not :P. I wasn't the most vocal player (yes i might of been that guy at ::dz camping TDS LOOL) but i played this server for the majority of the time it was up. Cant wait to get back on and meet some familiar people or even some new ones