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  1. Donor ranks on knowledge base needs updating!

    legendary and uber aren’t there bossman.


    best regards

  2. Cheers I’m going promo via my other discord’s today cant wait to see the server take off, and see what the staff team has to bring forth best regards
  3. Can I get the first 5 legendary donor prize ? in-game: Dassan cheers
  4. Hi everybody, add me in-game: dassan I'm a avid pker and gambler just wanted to check in, I recently got legendary donor so that's whats up Other than that, cheers, and hope to see good for the future of the server Also stay tuned for big arteropk projects coming to my YouTube best regards
  5. Looks pretty solid bossman, I can see the progression and its awesome to watch Things I would like to see implemented and fixed Pking mechanics a bit touchy, everything should be revised Bank tabs consistently collapse including the paid 100 pkp ones Ability to save and spawn your pre-made armour sets Possibly adding an in-game grand exchange, that shows items history, etc Rune pouches if not added already additional finds dp colored whips cannot be used for stakes ' they're considered diff weps' highscores link is not working not sure if this is personal but im youtuber and legendary and i have a 106+ second wait for yell timer ? https://gyazo.com/15aa4ae6a0af579be84c50ffaa696e16 best regards