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  1. Bio

    list of bugs

    great work alex.
  2. Bio

    Wnb Mlg

    Welcome sam, see you around in game
  3. Welcome back my man. see u around
  4. Bio


    Goodluck man
  5. Have a Group legend for all the ranks for APK, it looks clean and professional. New players also know which ranks are the higher ups/ the lower tier ranks if they've never played a rsps before. if you don't know what i'm taking about here's a picture
  6. Bio

    Supporting Video

    My boy ayman, glad to see you again man! its been so long. Great video noneoftheless.
  7. Bio

    Guess who is back,

    Welcome back my man, glad to see you again
  8. Welcome to ArteroPK, this is a great community and you'll have a great time
  9. Remove the cool down to make posts, you want forums to be active but im not trying to wait 300 seconds to reply to another post. i and a lot of others enjoy being on the forums and reading topics/ interacting and giving our opinions on things.