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  1. please bump me ive asked couple days ago for somone to look into it:)
  2. hello guys so Ive been voting since I started I vote votes go through and when I go in game and do ::voted to claim them they do not work ill send gyuazo of me voting today and claiming in game to show its not working I would love for this to be fixed and also be refunded some vote points considering I cant use all sites for some reason voting currently:https://gyazo.com/8459dca982f728e60a54be075576f028 Voted: https://gyazo.com/f9fc72ddccecdcdbcecbe8d305786a9d ::voted ingame: https://gyazo.com/19fd1db6dc01904156cc8832c647e2b3 failed to claim: https://gyazo.com/425c82c4e9ad0744ce9427a137f23834 proof I'm not wasting all your time: https://gyazo.com/3dae6ee9dc87d7bc926ac03a634df6e3 thankyou so much staff team!