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  1. This server has good potential, dont let it go to waste... like every other time.
  2. bump this topic, support it all
  3. i support, dont make it too op though
  4. 1. When you re-log your spell book goes back to the standard one and your prayer (if on curses) goes back to normal prayer book (not big but annoying to having to change if you log. i forget sometimes and just ready up, go pk and realize everything is reverted) 2. if you have a 2 or less letter name, you can't vote as it says you need min 3 lettered name 3. theres a place in deep wildy that goes from high wilderness to safe zone (shouldn't be this way). won't say where but PM if you want to see where 4. i have 10m avas accumulator 10m zammy god capes and 10m gloves that i can't note and want to get rid of. but since you cant note these items its impossible to get rid of from your bank. anyway to make them noteable? 5. Make more PVP incentives. the server died because no one was pking. Im seeing a lot of PVM to make money and less people pking. make BH work and worth it. Fix Honor points because i haven't gotten any? get rid of tricorn hat and put more things in BH shop 6. just please make PKing worth it. its called arteroPK not arteroPVM. I want to be able to log on, spawn a few things and get to pking and make it worth it. If im just killing a dh guy for 11 pkp then thats no fun. (I see 110 people on, 13 are in wildy. thats a small issue) 7. vote incentive too. If / when you vote and do ::voted should either 1. give you a small chance (5% - 10%) of getting an mbox (incentive) or 2. give you double xp for an hour
  5. PJ_


    what's up guys many may remember me as moe / rudy (the dumb kid who got himself banned for being too annoying and such). That's not me anymore so you won't see that anymore. Also wanna apologize to the people who had to deal with me lmao but yea ill see you guys around!