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  1. Added some suggetions i came across on discord, forums and people ingame
  2. The man the myth the legend, welcome back
  3. Throw me all of your suggestions and i'll add them into this message so we create 1 long list of suggestions. This may be better than creating 1 topic for every suggestion. - Do something about uncatchable implings (on water etc.) - ::redskull - make a list that popups on login for updates/fixed - Teleblock ending right after u leave wildy - Wildy bosses - Trade back items for donator points. (or is this done on purpose) - ::funpk bot that 1 hits 4 spec back, or a pool with usage times depending on donator rank - Add quick names for item ::item f (for food) ::item dh (dh set) ::item kara etc. - Client was 2 small for some people. - Let setting remain if u log out (some people had problems with spellbooks i thought) - Bounty hunter more rewarding to boost pvp - Dicing ranks and a NICE area for ::dicing
  4. Jorik


    Sup, thought I might aswell introduce myself 'again'. Already did this like 2 months ago, but since we have loads of returning players I decided to do it again! You guys may know me as Jorik ingame and in discord, but my old account was actually called igotrekt. I was staff back in the days so maybe that helps recalling my name a bit better. I hope to see the return of a big part of the old playerbase and hope to see you guys ingame!
  5. Jorik

    list of bugs

    Ardougne teleport tab didnt work for me