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  1. - Added ::alts command for admin+. - Added items kept on death & EXP lock to equipment tab. - Fixed a bug with the AFK Tree. - Fixed the yell color for Legendary donator. - Added Legendary Mystery box. - Fixed Split private chat toggle. - Added message broadcast system above chatbox. - You can no longer manage presets in dangerous zones. - Fixed right click moderate actions for staff. - Added Special restore potion timer. - Fixed the ::kick and ::teletome commands for staff. - Removed the double message from donation claim. - Fixed a bug causing shop items not to buy. - Fixed Hill giants teleport. - Character design now visible after setting bank pin in tutorial. - Dragon arrows can now be used with Twisted bow. - Ardougne teleport tab now works. - Added timers for Overloads's & Prayer renewals. - Elite donators & higher can now use the ::bank command. - Fixed the Cooking range in Edgeville & some other locations. - Bounty points are now correctly saved. - Players can now achieve 200M xp in a skill. - Fixed a bug with server-restarts taking too much time. -ArteroPK Team