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    i also got a t5 in the beginning of the server however I didn't know how to screenshot at that time so I don't expect it to be refunded but here are some of the ones ive got screenshots of
  2. k0king1525

    key halfs

    when you pick up the key halfs from say a slayer monster you are killing it just disappears it doesn't go into your inv or bank just letting everyone know
  3. I tried this as well but it didn't work for me ill try again tho thank you for advice!!
  4. when using the auto-cast for the staff of light it doesn't work on npc's I found this out at zombies when I was killing them. I could manually click and it would cast but it wouldn't auto-cast. however the auto-cast does work in pvp.
  5. k0king1525


    once someone trade you its spams you even when the player is offline even if they only traded you once itll keep going every 5 seconds or so
  6. gonna keep most of these short and sweet. 1. make gambling automated so there is no chance of scamming, haven't diced or anything so dunno if it is already so this first one is short. 2. the duel arena, sand casino, whatever you wanna call it. One custom thing that would make this server stand out is automated duel arena. what I mean by that is very simple. Make a preset screen with rules in play according to the type of stake that aren't able to be changed by the players. For the preset type deal a few examples of it being such as, dds-only fight, whip only, dds-whip fight. with each of them the screen would set the rules not allowing them to be changed for people to be able to scam. not a lot of people pay attention very easy to put food on at last second for the stake don't wanna see it happen here. 3. voted donator. This one may sound a bit over the edge but hear me out. You can vote for the server every 12 hours, with voting you can vote points or tickets or whatever. However, some of this seems pay to win in quite a few peoples eyes. So, my suggestion is make a vote donator emblem color that allows you to have you know the basic donor commands as well as being able to restore spec. However, itll only last 4-6 hours or even make it 12 that's your choice, but this is going to allow people to experience some of the donor features and give them a general idea of how it goes. Not only that but it will push people to vote who don't have the cash to spare irl. Now im not saying give both donor and the points make it a choice. You can choose either the points, or the 4-6,12 hour donor. haven't seen any other server do it sounds good to me so thought id throw it out there. 4. Add spec restores pots to pkp shop 5. Make it less pay to win, I know everybody loves getting paid but man this server is good but little over bearing on the ptw. 6. emblems are bugged and need some fixin 7. Add heavy ballista to pkp shop 8. Eliminate the afk tree or buff it, 1pkp every 10 mins not even worth being ing. these are my suggestions take them with a grain of salt not trying to put anybody down or be rude just somethings I think personally would help a ton and make the server a lot better and all in all a better experience thank you for reading have a nice day bois
  7. k0king1525


    by changes my spellbook I mean it shows me praying to an altar should've made that a bit more clear my bad
  8. k0king1525


    After a kill and I go to use the bank, it actually changes my spellbook…...lol its happened a handful of times with the bank booths both of the north ones as well as the first one on the western side facing towards the pk shop. just thought id throw that out there
  9. k0king1525


    kills aren't counting for me unless it is a target, as well as obviously the kdr isn't changing unless I kill a target. I still receive pk points but my kills are not increasing ive killed 15 people today and died 3 times only 4 targs and its showing 4/3 kdr also kills are reset when u log out