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  1. my stock fixed screen is almost half the size of the fixed OSRS client. not sure if you're understanding what i'm talking about.
  2. Hey y'all. Let's just jump right into it; OSRS Client whilst extended: (Examine the inventory setup) Artero Fixed Client as well as the Extended Client: What I'm basically suggesting is... make the fixed client bigger, because right now it's 25% of OSRS's fixed client or make the extended client, like OSRS's (fixed inventory) Size difference between the OSRS fixed client & the artero fixed client;
  3. what’s up brotha! welcome to the forums! excited to see some of your editing skills (;
  4. hey bud! welcome welcome!
  5. what about having the option via settings to have it always visible or not?
  6. Hey guys, just thought of a minor suggestion. I find myself opening 2 tabs, one for chatbox (i know it isn't very active yet) and one for browsing the forums. Can we get the chatbox integrated while browsing the forums? Or is it not integrated for a reason? I'm unsure. Thanks in advance!
  7. coachella

    Some bugs

    you might've done something in-game to receive those dpoints. maybe like a daily login? good luck though! hope you get your firecape back brotha
  8. you're awesome Blake. keep up the amazing work. can't wait 'til the server is 99% (;
  9. hey Justin. the forums look quite clean & crisp tbh. job well done! P.S - the client download links on the site are broken.
  10. hey fella, i'm not a staff member, but you're most likely gonna need proof that this actually happened. maybe a video?
  11. Grats dude. One way to wanna keep grindin'
  12. not sure if you remember me but what’s up brah
  13. coachella


    nert come 1v1 wussup adam
  14. how’s it going guys. i’m ebrola from recklesspk and coachella from artero. hope everyone has been fine & dandy with real life stuff. i been pretty well, can’t complain. looking forward to playing some artero in my free time though. reminiscing. taking people’s banks in dh. whomever thinks they had or have a problem with me, let’s squash it like men and move on.