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  1. Anis


    Hello, I'm quitting this rsps. Thought it was fun. << IT ACTUALLY WAS FUN until I get killed every second when I'm just grinding on my own. Players are so nice playerbase is really good. I just think the game is getting killed sadly thanks for the fun times the last 3/4 days it was really fun. 2. New players rage quitting for same reason. 3. Discovered choco bombs glitches + dupe glitches 4. Updates were cosmetical 5. Cheat Engine is litterally the most useful tool for the game (game is scripted in Java) 6.IMPORTANT*** STAFF APPLYING BUT BEING ACTUALLY USELESS. THEY SAY IN THE CHAT PM ME FOR HELP WHEN THE OWNER IS IN THE GAME BUT WHEN U ASK THINGS LIKE: WHERE CAN I MAKE MONEY OR HOW DO I DROP THIS OR THIS AND THAT U GET BLOCKED.
  2. Nice guide, it's really useful and I will use it in the feature. Also I will recommened this if someone needs it.
  3. No problem, if it doesn't work then I recommened deleting the game cache and reinstalling it. *You will keep your account.* Then I will also recommened to use another staff of light instead of that one. Goodluck!
  4. I've actually tested it and it works for everyone else including me. The thing is, goto the fighting-tab. 1. Click on "Spell". 2. Choose the spell you would like to use for autocast. ^--- This should fix your problem I hope.
  5. Isn't this considered cheating? Idk, honestly u should keep it private I think it's considered cheating. BUT anyways a good guide, it's actually helpful.
  6. Thanks to everyone that's being so positive :)!
  7. Anis

    Starter Guide!

    Thanks man, u refreshed my lost info , I hope to see you in-game and I'm excited for it. Who knows?
  8. Hello! Steam: Anisziggo Discord: Anisziggo#0099 ((Wow, never realized this used to be RecklessPK... So much good memories. )) I'm Anis, I'm from the Netherlands and this is my first RSPS I'm going to play since a long time. I've played alot of PK servers in the past and also a lot of custom servers. I'm not bad at pking and I hope I'm still as good. I really am interested in this game and it looks a lot of fun. The playerbase looks like it's filled with nice and kind players :). ((I'm really happy to also see that WalkChaos is playing this, which makes me happy too :).)) I hope to see you all in the game and wish you all goodluck playing! Kind Regards, Anis,