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  1. I agree with basically everything you said, I would prefer it to be in the vote shop cause the only thing I bought from there was spec restores lol. Just hoping the vote shop will have a rework that's more enticing to begin with though. Hell what if they throw an ags in the vote shop as well? I'm just thinking if it became an untradeable and you smacked a decent vp price on it people would grind voting to get it and by then should hopefully have enough for a spare ags. Guess that's completely dependent on how easy they are to obtain to begin with though. Honestly wouldn't mind if they came back at all tbf, just think its a good opportunity to get people to vote while also keeping ags's in demand
  2. As far as the gmaul I have no fuckin clue though tbh, I've always thought the plain gmaul could've been a cheap dp item in any server lol
  3. Regarding your compromise I think it would be better eco wise as a dp item 1) Heard about the new gmaul in osrs but not familiar with it tbh. I'd compare it to an untradeable kraken tentacle I suppose, if that makes sense 2)Nah if you're risking it or happen to be smited same exact thing as suggestion 1. The only difference really is that suggestion 1 would make it so you are ALWAYS risking it where as suggestion 2 would make it protectable while still maintaining a cash sink but catered slightly more to new players/rushers/someone not risking
  4. Specifically focused on the ags: For fifty hits and reverting back into the ags I think it should cost dp as well. Personally I'd like to see it as a vp item that worked in one of two other ways though. 1) Wouldn't revert after any hits but makes the ags into an auto lose item. You would keep the kit but drop a currency equivalent to a percent of how much the ags would cost in dp. 2) Lets you protect the ags but would revert back into the kit instead after x amount of hits. Same concept on the drop if you where risking/got smited before it reverted.
  5. Yawk


    Been fiendin' for some weird loadout fights with you again since you invited me to the discord lol ;-;
  6. Yawk

    Hiya x

    looking forward to stealing all your elo at ::yaks and ::13s nerd
  7. Yawk


    Hiya, I'm Yawk Made some great friends and memories on this server throughout the years. To be completely honest, it's so crazy and cool how many of us have stayed in touch with people we had met on an rsps of all things. Can't wait to see what's different with new updates and shit even though I sadly won't be on as much but still looking forward to seeing ya'll when I am. Especially at all the rigged trivias and events lol