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    list of bugs

    bump make sure you guys fix or fixed these
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    list of bugs

    here are some bugs i found while playing idk which ones are fixed or looked in to. cant pick up emblems -------------------------- kdr keeps getting reset on login Ardougne teleport tab didnt work for me ---------------------------------------------------------- dung dosnt work ----------------------- choatics are broken cant repair them -------------------------- https://gyazo.com/c0a5342025204c4b5e10085fc9f7f7d4 it says im iron and sht when im not -------------------------- all 4 vote links dont work -------------------------- kdr and elo reset on logging out -------------------------- you can't get 200m exp in any skill -------------------------- cant get more than one ks -------------------------- can wear barrows as a level 1 -------------------------- fire making removes objects if it comes in contact with them because you can noclip through them with it. object doesn't return back. -------------------------- Smithing literally doesn't work -------------------------- You can lose colored whip and fire cape when you die pking -------------------------- Cooking on multiple ranges/ fires doesnt work. For shrimps or bread the afk tree, u need to repress every 10 min to gain a pkp ticket if u stand there for 30 mins, only the first 10 mins give 1 -------------------------- https://gyazo.com/a63d63f5615333d0b61d597bebf8922d quick prayer????? -------------------------- https://gyazo.com/dbd24eaaa1eb156f69eda69907fa90ed Getting magic logs from chopping a bank booth at camelot some how ------------------------------------------------ kiln cape goes away if u click preset it vanishes insted of going to bank ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ once someone trade you its spams you even when the player is offline even if they only traded you once itll keep going every 5 seconds or so -------------------------- - Slayer Gem isn't spawnable, isn't in slayer shop - Cannot loot PvM tokens/charms into inventory when inventory is full but you already have a stack in your inventory - Separating PM's from chat box bubble doesn't work, PM's still display inside chat box - Crystal keys cannot be made with loop/teeth key halves - Dwarven Rock Cake doesn't let you lose -1/-10/-99 HP, only -1 HP and you have to click it 98 times to drop to 1 hp (for dhing) runecrafting doenst work crafting/cooking/fletching bug. using the bank sometimes changes my spellbook https://gyazo.com/df3c9bf6c9bd2764fb4289dc0af76be8 im on lunars but when i spawn hybrid its on normal