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  1. Ayman

    Happy Xmas!

    Happy Xmas guys
  2. Welcome back brother hope you spit some raps on our discord again haha
  3. Welcome to my Guide! credits going to @Leon for the Wiki Page Since some players had questions about Hunter, I thought I'd create a mini guide for it. that is the sequence for hunting implings. spawn ::item 11259 and hunt the implings! run around the city's, I'd suggest you to go to falador. You can loot them by using ::exchangeimps. Only looting Kingly implings is profitable tho. Kingly implings give you royal items: Here is a link for the hunting calculater, credits going to @Leon again CLICK HERE FOR THE HUNTING CALCULATOR Thanks for reading guys ~ Regards by Ayman
  4. It wasn't against the rules back in the days, and extremes arent really worth anything so I don't consider it as cheating, thank you
  5. Welcome to my Guide! I thought I could repost this. Note: Herblore can be effective to make yourself extreme's which will give you lvl 125 in your combat stats. since there are no rules posted yet, you should be allowed to use an auto clicker. Please correct me if not. since the grimmy guam isn't stackable you have to click every guam yourself from lvl 1-26 after that you are able to autoclick the rest of the herbs. now you are able to make multiple extremes by combining the following things: You are able to autoclick this interface to make more than just one extreme by another, it allows you to create around 8-10 in one time by autoclicking. That was all, for any questions just comment or private message me! If it's against the rules please delete the guide, but since there are no rules posted yet, I'm not aware of it. ~ Best of Regards Ayman
  6. I'll kiss your eye brother
  7. Hey guys, it's Ayman some of you might know me under this name. my alt account is named str99str50, I used to be a community manager on the old ArteroPK with the name "Ayman" and my account name was taken by someone else. I'm kind of scared of other people abusing this username since I used to be a trusted youtuber and staff member.
  8. Thanks bro, appreciate it!
  9. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO Subscribe for the upcoming videos guys! I hope some of the old subscribers will come back to join us