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    My INn Game name is Fire Cape
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    1. What is your Abtebo Name and Discord Tag. - Abtebo Name: - Discord Name: 2. What type of player are you. Pvmer/Pker/Grinder. - - - 3. What do you expect out of us as a clan? - 4. How experienced are you with Clanning rate your'e self from 1 to 10. - 1 to I tried to make this topic Short and informative, There will be another Topic hopefully tommorow for App to staff. But for now Welcome and chill with us,
  3. Hello, I'am Azur and iam from Netherlands. Iam 25 years and have alot experience with pre eoc. This is me first time playing any Runescape Private server. This private server interested me cuz in the past like when there was an update after the Pre eoc. I just grinded for Kyatt wich took me around 1-3 Years. But then when i had Kyatt the first day after it got updates to eoc. So i like to Play with some Kyatt again. And i will see you guys Tommorow PEACE.