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  1. I wouldn't just say "it's trash" that doesn't help them fix anything.. in my opinion, from what ive noticed so far (being an nher anyway) mage is way too weak while range is way too op.. we even tested this. We did 5 fights, a person in nh gear (barrows tribrid) then the other person in ragger range tank gear (karils etc). The ragger won 4 out of 5 fights because of the constant 25+ through range prayer.. meanwhile im splashing 8 out of 10 barrages while he doesn't even have his ktop on.. So I get what you mean Fiji, but just give em little more of example so they know exactly what concern is :D.
  2. Wb brother, new owner Mike pumpin out fixes left n right.. so hopefully it'll be fully polished very soon!
  3. QUE


    Sorry you feel that way brother, maybe one day you'll return when things are to your standards. Wish you well!
  4. Another useful guide :D. thanks fam.
  5. Short n sweet.. How like my guides hahaha. Good stuff Ayman. Keep it comin'!
  6. Good finds! I especially love #7 the voting incentive would be dope if you could rarely get mbox randomly.. Keep em coming! Theyre trying their best to fix em!
  7. Nice to see so many OG players on the server again. Welcome back fam I do remember you as mod. Hopefully if you have the free time youll put in an app to become moderator again!
  8. Heard about this from a few people. That's the reason I have yet to buy kiln.. Hopefully they fix soon! Im sure Mike will handle it or figure out why when he sees this.
  9. Hell yeah nice to see you on this server bro. Im always down for more good nhers to sesh with!
  10. QUE


    Sup Jorik, welcome back bro! See ya ingame.
  11. Keep up good work Rees.. Lets keep knocking the bug list out little by little and polish this up. Im super happy bout the choco bombs now nhing is better. TY!
  12. QUE

    Starter Guide!

    Cool info brother, this used to be my favorite PK Server back then aswell! I remember some things aswell, but it seems you remember more haha :). Cya on launch in like 5 hours!
  13. i only signed up for all the youtubers giveaways on release. bound to win 1 right :)? *ik ik don't get my hopes up*