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  1. As we all can see, the current state of the wilderness is not too good at all. This needs to be dealt with ASAP in order to literally fulfill the fact that this server is one that was founded off of the wilderness, and it built it's name through PKing. But, we all know this. And if you don't then, there it is. On to the suggestions. 1) Bal'lak the Pummeler Night-gazer Khighorahk Bulwark Beast Unholy Cursebearer These four monsters I just listed are a huge part of what made Artero's OG PK community so relative and attractive. It provided not only a place for PvM based players to venture out of their comfort zone, but also an alternative to key reward items known as Promethium. These pieces of equipment are highly sought after, and are only a desire for the entire community. It is not listed in their drop tables, but these monsters gave out DP relative to the damage done to them, exactly like the Avatar of Destruction and King Black Dragon. These bosses spawned on a time based interval system as to not flood the economy with the items, and can make the wilderness indefinitely active during their short lived lives. Players will flock to these deep wilderness hotspots, both PKers and PvMers alike. Their information can be found below https://arteropk.fandom.com/wiki/Bal'lak_the_Pummeler https://arteropk.fandom.com/wiki/Night-gazer_Khighorahk https://arteropk.fandom.com/wiki/Bulwark_Beast https://arteropk.fandom.com/wiki/Unholy_Cursebearer 2) Make PKing rewarding At the current moment, the player-vs-player system has basically no reward whatsoever if you compare it to literally ANY other money making method in the entire game. Usually, you'll get between 20-50 PK Points for ever kill you gain. If you go into the PKP shop at home, a single piece of Vesta Armor is 4000 PKP. Doing absolutely anything other than PKing right now will make you more money, especially given that the server is new, the economy isn't stabilized and distributed, so nobody is really willing to risk. There is basically no incentive to PK whatsoever right now. To fix this, there are literally tons of options. - Adding small amounts of DP for every BH Target Kill - Increase total amounts of PKP earner per kill - Give Bonus PKP/DP for Killstreaks/Overall Kill Milestones - Add better random drop tables for EP/BH Kills - Create random wilderness Hotspots for x2 PKP/DP/BH-Points/Droprate - Add a zone for High-Risk fights (All items dropped on death) - Staff can host PK Tournaments funded by a budget of items every month from upper management - Staff can host Wilderness Events (Staffmember can be given 20k HP at a multi-zone, hide in Wilderness) at their leisure, promoted/funded by upper management The list is goes on and on.... As I stated before, something needs to be done ASAP. There are new players joining every day with the direct intent to PK, with their first experience being maybe two players in complete spawns fighting each other on repeat. This is a part of the game that has not been touched whatsoever, and is in dire need of attention. PLEASE HEAR ME, thank you. Hunter
  2. +1 for reporting bugs -10 for bait ):)
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    Brother this is indeed, a PvP server. Please expect such things to occur. Patched yesterday brother. Hope to see you back.
  4. I think 30k & 35k would be much more realistic. I also think there should be a good bit more items in the PvM shop as well, to further deepen the rewards for long term PvMing.
  5. I can only pray that this is true and you can do all that you say. Looking forward to your work & dedication.
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    Hiya x

    Ur a bot can't wait to clear u in wild ezpz bank
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    It's ya boi, Fear No 1 I'm back to finesse your bank and your KS. Catch me deep wild.