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  1. Dumling

    bbones back!

    welcome back my main man, been missing u
  2. Damn it, I hoped u just ended @Legoeiland4 KS and got his torva set, I feel clickbaited
  3. Dumling

    list of bugs

    pretty sure I couldn't do dung too
  4. 2 pair of claws in 25 kills, then wins a 100$ giveaway, amazing start to APK sadly no screenshot for second claws - Dumling
  5. nice, looking forward to follow ur process
  6. welceom dude! for sure we will have a great time here!
  7. Hey fam, missed y'all and hyped to play again, see you around - Dumling
  8. I think it should be untradeable, but maybe if u set a quite high price for it and it doesn't degrade. I mean u could set as a low price and it would degrade after x amount of hits, or set a quite high price and it wouldn't degrade iykwim. I don't think u should lose it on death tho.
  9. This sounds like a good idea, idk about the degree again after 50 hits, but this sounds like something interesting