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  1. Money


    Seen people asking a lot for red skull where 0 item are protected, ::dangerouspk exists for that reason, 0 items are kept there. Don’t get lured here as teleblock is able to be used there (would highly reccomend it being changed or made a bannable offence, but preferable just to remove tb from the area as it’ll save staff time). Whilst a command for red skull would be a good idea as it doesn’t separate pking in different areas as much it is a viable alternative whilst waiting.
  2. Updated with a bunch, doubt they'll be looked at but enjoy
  3. plz transparent background ur sigs
  4. Nice vid man but please take more than 1 karambwan to the wildy when pking
  5. Jk got you with another few bugs coz my other thread was locked Emblem tier 2 emblems are dropped on first target kill Honor points don't seem to be working on my alt account?? Have been playing on it since release and still have 0 honor points Bounty doesn't show the name of your target If in combat with your target you often switch targets mid-fight which is well annoying, perhaps if in combat with your targ you don't lose them? Random safezone right next to wildy wyrms Add command ::Dv to go to the duel viewing area Make it so you can tele from the duel viewing area, at the moment you get the message you cannot tele from here Random floating skillcapes with bat wings at duel, idk what it is looks shite would remove BDK and RDK look aids Can spec people diagonally when frozen Can sometimes spec people 2 squares away when frozen EDIT: ::onlinestaff doesn't work Can prot item when you die ::placebounty doesn't work Supports can ::help player but then can't go to the ::helpzone which is where they teleport to Wildy altars sometimes don't teleport you Pipe at taverly dungeon should require a certain agility level Ability to ::max and bandos boss and firemake through the doors to avoid killcount Pid is still seen on the leaderboard at ::home I think Ranging potion(1) turns into an anti-poison Aren't able to obtain dragon defender unless it's from the pk store (?) Simplify drop rates, not everything needs to be out of 1000 Why is wrath so expensive? It's not ridiculously op and to cost 50k pkp is ridiculous. Is a good thing for dharoks pk, should it really be the same price as elite void? Can't spawn coins yet loads of shops in edge buying stuff for coins which confuses new players when you can just spawn
  6. Sry man you just got click baited, now you are here please fix the following. The new update for barrage doesn't save when relogging so have to change it everytime. Change 13s so it is on the same level - is currently on a different level to the rest of the server. Can literally follow people through the wooden barriers at 13s. Change presets so it just assumes you are level 99 in everything, 95% of presets will be for combat 126 so is annoying when you set it up. Presets let you wear any item whatever your levels are i.e. wearing barrows at combat level 3. Can't attack people through KBD gate and I assume all other gates in the wildy (which aren't even gates they just disapear when opened , should fix this too). At ::zombies, when you go into the place where the NPC's are there is one random patch that is singles, change it to the rest of the area so the whole thing is multi. Fix gate at wildy agility, got clipped through there following someone and then was stuck in wildy for hours (thank god for unlim food). People can stand behind a tree, not move and mage you yet you can't mage them back so essentially is a safe spot. You don't gain killstreak vs people with the rank newbie (I'm pretty sure). Since there are so many new players might as well enable this as it incentivises pking - people like seeing their name broadcast for a killstreak. Tele tabs should really make you immune once you click them and tele away. Teleblock shouldn't dissapear on relog - if tb'd and you log back in you should stay tbed. Also should be a timer like there is for barrage so you know how long left you are teleblocked for. HONOR POINTS - Just fix... I would like to use ovls at some point. Higher your elo, the more honor points you get every 12h upon logging in. There will be loads more these are just a quick few I thought off top of my head. EDIT: Not sure who this one is aimed at, but I get an error 404 message on some of the buttons on the homepage - most importantly the play to download button so I imagine some people haven't been able to download the client. I have had to have the client sent to me by friends. Display of overloads lasting 15 mins, they only last 5. Make it so you can click your KDR and PvP rating so they get shown in-game to other players, people like to show off these kind of things. When logging in, if you change your password you can't seem to used the autofill password function so you have to type password every time. Make webs outside mage bank only cuttable whilst wielding a melee weapon. Make webs outside mage bank so if one persons cuts them, they are cut for everyone. There are still secret teleports that can be used to lure people to wildy which I won't say here, can PM me. There is a safespot at ::multipk, again you can PM me for this. The owner of a clan-chat seems to reset after an unknown period of time so anyone can take over a clan chat. You can run to the edge of donor zone as a normal player. There's probably a way to hop through the wall. Some bank booths in Edgeville don't work for me when I try and 'use' them but do if i 'use quickly'.
  7. Money


    Will be in ur dms then when you win You’ve said this to me twice now still have no idea what ur on about
  8. Money


    Alright my old name was Money if ya know ya know (you probably do), on reckless 2017 my name was scouted m8 if you played that used to make vids and that