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  3. In game username: OG Scum // OLD ARTERO: (Hi im New & King OG) Country / timezone: USA EST Age: 21 Do you have access to discord?(REQUIRED): yuh Past clanning experience (across all games): HOT (instant pk) Infamous (Instant pk) *cant remember what clan I was in on artero* What would be your primary position? As a tank / tber. What credentials do you think makes you qualified to join Murder? I have lots of clan exp across multiple pk servers. Very loyal, Active, Decent NHing
  4. Ayman

    Happy Xmas!

    Happy Xmas guys
  5. thanks ill be sure to abuse
  6. Thieving can also be exploitable with ardy teleport tabs by only having 99 hp out of all combat stats and attacking a hero until he is stuck in a stall. once stuck in the stall you teleport home and then break another ardy teleport tab and proceed to pickpocket the stuck hero while spamming :: hp 99
  7. The following skills are currently exploitable due to a tick manipulation issue. Smithing, Crafting, Herblore, Cooking When the creation window appears for items the speed of which they are crafted can be manipulated with excess mouse clicks or auto clicks resulting in broken skilling speed and 14 potion per ingame tick extreme potion creation. This glitch was fixed on the revision of artero pk that was available pre server shut down a few years ago.
  8. server dead players are all bots buggy as shit
  9. sorry but this is arteropk so we would like to keep the server pure from updates and bug fixes
  10. Hey, Make sure you have latest java installed sir.
  11. what operating system are you using?
  12. when i open the areto pk jar they say please reload the client in 10 secs what do i do? please replay in the fastest time AND thanks.
  13. my stock fixed screen is almost half the size of the fixed OSRS client. not sure if you're understanding what i'm talking about.
  14. Hey y'all. Let's just jump right into it; OSRS Client whilst extended: (Examine the inventory setup) Artero Fixed Client as well as the Extended Client: What I'm basically suggesting is... make the fixed client bigger, because right now it's 25% of OSRS's fixed client or make the extended client, like OSRS's (fixed inventory) Size difference between the OSRS fixed client & the artero fixed client;
  15. That’s true, I hope they will work harder for it!
  16. This server has good potential, dont let it go to waste... like every other time.
  17. @Vuk has been promoted to Moderator Congratulations!
  18. what’s up brotha! welcome to the forums! excited to see some of your editing skills (;
  19. hey bud! welcome welcome!
  20. Defo denied again, you're not welcome back. You're childish and attempted to RWT.
  21. Nobody is speaking up against Kevin, on hes fast decision to ban me, it looks like this is only chance i have. So i'm basically banned for "rwt", because Migos asked me to stake against hes 100$ ingame donation. That's a big ammount, so i asked to hold the stake in Paypal. Anyways, now Kevin says that's rwt. Migos even agrees with me, that we were not rwting, we were trying to stake. But for some reason Kevin is insisting to keep me banned, why? He keeps saying the same thing "you tried to rwt", i NEVER tried to rwt. Please open your mind and start listening to other people, not just yourself. Secondly you could of atleast given a warning instead of just banning out of the blue. I haven't done rwt, and wasn't trying it either. So banning me for rwt is just phatetic. So yeah, i'm fucking tilted when Kevin bans me for something i didn't do, very immature act and it seems like nobody else will stand up against him This is my last thread i make, because i can't keep playing a game where there is a staff who is this immature and only listens to hes own small minded brain.
  22. Nathan

    bbones back!

    Welcome back! /Hybrid twinx
  23. mib


    fred speaks the truth
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